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How to be happy -Ep 2

As I have seen the previous “how to be happy- Ep 1” was so appreciated I am now going on with another episode.

In this episode things will be more materialistic, which on one hand is not good because we shouldn’t find happiness with material things, but on the other hand materialistic things could help us to feel more confident and so more happy about ourselves.

I am talking about the most important material thing that can give you more confidence: clothes.

Clothes show our personality, our style and especially how we want to appear to other people, for example someone who wears dressy clothes probably wants to look less close to other people instead of someone who wears sweaters.

I think everyone, even the most anti-shopping person, feels better wearing new clothes.

I started thinking about how much clothes are important for self-confidence and so happiness, when while I was getting ready to go out, I felt really really cool and sure about myself wearing my new jacket. I felt I had something more.

The “thing” is that happiness/ self-confidence lasted even after I took the jacket off, It is as if the jacket remembered me I can feel confident with my body.

I know we can’t find happiness in material things, happiness is just a feeling and you can’t buy it, but I think that through material things, even little pieces, our happiness, at least for the first times, could really be improved.

So considering what I have said, If you maybe are unhappy because you don’t feel confident with your body, try to have some clothes shopping, I mean even one item could make the difference.

DO NOT GO CRAZY WITH THAT, and to be particular, by “new clothes” I don’t mean only brand new ones but even ones that were from other people (siblings, parents, ect.)

Fede xx


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