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What if I had to choose one between two guys.

I am not the of girl who goes with anyone, but since my last boyfriend (which only after some months I feel almost confident talking about that) and I broke up I care a little bit less about super serious relationships I am still young.

I have met a guy around the begin of December, we are talking every day and I really like the way he is so nice with me, he is a great boy I think, he studies at university and he his handsome, but what impressed me mostly is that he was really kind with me when we first met. I specified he studies at university because is something that makes me thinks he likes studying and knowing things, which is something I like too, I mean I am going to university next year and I am going to have that kind of student life style, with my rhythms and stuff. We haven’t dated after we first met due to several reasons, but I suppose it is going to happen soon.

The other boy, is the one I know is wrong. He is my ex-boyfried, we have been together for almost a year and he was my first love. There are several things I didn’t like about him, which are the same reasons why our story ended, of course we were young but I personally think that people for some aspects.. never change. He does not study anymore, I think he is a professional tennis player now, and we got back texting a week ago. He hasn’t been super nice with me in terms of caring, but the possibility I could see him again just to have a talk makes me feel kind of safe and protected. But for sure he is never going to be my type of person. (In any case I am not planning to get married haha, I don’t want a serious relationship that could hurt me, myself atm is at the first place, and I don’t know if my mind could host also some love)

With no doubt if I had to choose between those two I would rather choose the student one, FOR SURE, but I don’t have to choose anyone, at least so far, and also I don’t have anything serious with any of them, so I think I will just see how it goes with both of them. At the end I really hope the first one will ask me out and all of those things, I think I kind of like him.

I hope the student boy is not going to read this, he is quite a stalker (in a good way) but I hope not so much, and also, I don’t think he will spend too much time trying to understand what I wrote, as this is English, and if you didn’t know I am Italian.

I also think I will find out what to do when and if I am going out again with the student one. I really hope it goes well. He makes me smile.

Fede xx


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