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Today I feel great

I haven’t been so productive for a while, I don’t know what is boosting me but I really feel a lot of energy and I am working three times I was the previous week.

Maybe this is happening because I changed the “way I sleep”, maybe this is happening because I have gotten so down that I couldn’t help rising now, maybe I had the right time rest .. but for sure now I have the right motivation (so far) to go on.

I don’t really know how it happened it just did, and I have no idea about how long is going to last.

If youcanΒ find it helpful I will share the few things I have changed that maybe are the reason why I became more productive:

First thing I stopped (so far) thinking about people who are not part of my life anymore (they’re still alive dw ahah), then I stated having a nap time in the afternoon, I have started studying having more break times (pomodoro) and last but not least I have started talking more to people that I was too shy to talk to.

Now I just feel I want to appreciate all of this positive energy with some meditation, that I hope I won’t be too tired later to do.

Another important thing that I was going to forget is that I have started caring less, about some people, about other things.

And last last last but not least that has helped all of that, is the feeling that I have a real goal now, I want to finish my A-level school, I really can’t wait to, and then apply for the two unis I’d like to get in, I am really happy because in case I don’t get in medical school I have found an amazing B-plan.

Take care of yourself more

Fede xx


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