Energy (masculine and feminine)-Ep 1

A dear friend of mine just told me to share this on the internet, because it could be kind of useful. With this first episode I am going to explain it in a very easy and superficial way the topic.

Everything started a few years ago when I started following on YouTube a person that has really helped me a lot and that is still doing Mimi Ikonn.

She has recently wrote a book that is called “The bingo theory” and guess what, I am reading it.

In this book ย is explained how a human being has their mind and also energy divided in two: masculine and feminine. But as most of the human beings are not balanced they have an energy that is more developed than the other one, and this determines theirย behaviour.

In a few words masculine people are more “strong” less sensitive and more “productive” in the term of work carrier and way to live, whether feminine people are more calm and impulsive. This is just a really quick sume up and as every human has both of them it doesn’t mean that if you have a dominant masculine energy you don’t have feelings.

To find out if you are more masculine or feminine there is the test online (this is the link:ย https://fiveminutejournal.typeform.com/to/SypLuK ) If you want to do the test remember to not over think or try to do things to have a determined result!

ATTENTION: feminine energy doesn’t mean weakness as well as masculine energy doesn’t mean you’re the boss of the world!

Once you find the way to balance your two energies you become a perfect bingo.

Reading this book I found out that lots of things are true and I am finding it very helpful so far. Let me know if you would like to know more about that.

Fede xx



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