I hate that

Is it possible that there are people who cannot enjoy peaceful and calm moments?!

My father I think is one of those people who really depend on the television, and I really really HATE that.

I  am the kind of masculine energy woman who is always doing something, but sometimes I really need quite moments and when my family is around I can never have that which is really really annoying, so I end up alone being in my bedroom watching videos on YouTube.

And this makes me feel not free and not able to feel the gratefulness of all of the things that are happening to me, I mean there is actually never pace.

Of course I am not complaining for my father watching TV on sunday night, but I am really really annoyed by the fact that in my house people are always screaming and shouting and making a lot of noise in the wrong moments.

Please if you have any advice let me know 😦

Fede xx

Ps:if you don’t know what “masculine energy” is, stay tuned, I am writing a new post about that, I think it is really interesting.


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