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(Do) real friends come back (?)

Has it ever happened to you to have “stopped” or “broken” a friendship? a true one?

Has it ever happened to you, you thought you had lost someone and everything comes back as it has usually been without you realising that?

It is the kind of connection that there is between people, Is the only way I can find to explain that.

It is happening now in my life, If you check my previous posts you’ll find out that I decided to get ride of people who were making my life not as I wanted it to be, in the mean which they  were not making me feel happy and not giving me positive vibes. Even though I got far away from them, those people are still in my life and I am still sharing things with them.

I don’t mean we came back BFF but in both cases even though is kind of  different type of friendship It feels good.

I am not really sure that I can say we are back friends, I think I will just stop thinking and see how it goes, but definitely people don’t change completely in a few weeks after years they’ve been like that.

Unfortunately I am one of those people who acts without thinking, and I base my reaction on how I feel at the moment.”life” is teaching me I should think less meditate more and be patient, I will look after only about myself and about people who really care about me, and never disappointed me in such a way, and then if that “be back friendship” makes me feel good I will follow it.

This is how I feel at the moment, but have you ever had experienced  something like that? would you like to share with me what you have learned. I am really not sure about how to react, but only thinking about that at the moment is making me feel not too good so I think I should keep the distance, do you agree with me?

(if you maybe wand some more explanation check my post : “how my life has changed” https://fedesnows.wordpress.com/2017/01/06/how-my-life-has-changed/ )

Fede xx


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