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It’s all in our mind

I think that most of the time people make problems where there actually aren’t, I was thinking that I am that kind of person that most of the time I don’t feel I have done enough, I feel I could always do something more, and that If I don’t I cannot “deserve” to be successful.

Today I am actually feeling in a different way. I am stuck in bed “ill” I really feel a lot of pain and tomorrow I am going to have an important test, but I’m really not able to study.

I am not feeling that anxious (so far) I think I have done all of my best for now even if actually today I didn’t do what I planned to is fine. I CAN’T DO MORE, I am not able to concentrate, I was almost crying for the pain today, and even now I am in a super relaxed position and it hurts a lot.

So today’s lesson is that sometimes you have to accept that you can’t always do everything, that you can’t always be at the top. You have to try to work YOUR hardest to be always at the top, but don’t do that for its purpose, do that only for the pleasure of doing it because the real success doesn’t come only with lots of work but also with real passion and dedication. I mean of course you need a lot of work in the background but in not the only thing you need to do.

Success is also connected to personal satisfaction, you can be a successful person in something maybe not enjoying it and not realising what you’re doing. We are the creators of our success.

Fede xx


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