When I woke up I knew it was a bad day

What a super full day I had, almost unbelievable!!!

I woke up in a really bleah way, my mum screaming at me that I was late, when actually I was in perfect time. Then I spilled milk on the ground..

NOTHING compared to what happened in the afternoon, I will be very lucky if tomorrow I won’t be Ill.

I had an appointment to get my eyebrows done, the centre is in a village close to mine, around 10 minutes by car and 20ish by bus (as there is a change), I planned it would have taken me one hour, so then I could have come back home early enough to do all of my work (around 5 pm).

I arrived at the bus stop and ALL THE BUSSES WHERE CHANGED (quite strange I didn’t know that as I take the bus every morning to go to school) so thanks to “Moovit” app (not sponsored, it just saved my life more than once) I found the way to go, and then to come back.

On my way back, the first bus was late (and outside was around -4°C so I was quite freezing cold) so I lost the second one, and the next “second one” would have arrived in 1 HOURR!! It was definitely too cold and already late and dark outside. I decided to take another bus to go to town so at least I could have gone in a warm shop waiting for the right bus. After 30 minutes or so arrived a bus and of course I got on that (already snowfede), but actually the bus driver stopped me in the middle of nowhere (I shouldn’t have listened to him) so I waited for 35 MINUTES more to get the right one (hybernated).. then from the bus stop to my house (15 minutes walk) I just ran to get warmer (fortunately I was wearing comfy Nikes).

I have never had so dry hands, even when I ski my hands are thousands times better. I wasn’t able to completely feel my feet, and they were so much painful thanks to the freezing cold.

But then the unexpected

When I arrived home I rested for a bit but in 30 minutes I left for mum extra lesson and GUESS WHAT, It was amazing and I understood everything, then I arrived home and did loads of exercises till midnight. WHAT A WIRED PERSON I AM .. I think I couldn’t have been more productive today. (I mean probably at home I would have got lazy)

Was only mine a wired day ? have you ever had a similar experience with freezing cold ? BRRR I feel so cold to shake only thinking about that omg.

Fede xx


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