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Today I will be productive

This is the title of my day. I went to school today, and it was such a tiring boring day I couldn’t wait to be home and chill, so since I  arrived I went on my bed and I spent time with my beloved computer, wearing two sweaters and with a blanket on my legs. Trust me it feels super good.

It is so much relaxing

I think that some times you just have to stop caring about work, school or whatever and take time for yourself, I don’t mean to avoid responsibilities, I Think is important to find the time to love yourself more, and feel good, so then you can give 100% of you in what you do.

So I decided now, after a great three hours of relax I am going to get up, prepare my gym bag, have my 10 minutes walk to the gym, do my exercises and come back home super ready to do all of the work I have to do.

I am going to write here my today’s goals so I must respect them:

  • finish chapter number 3 of history
  • read and understand maths (derivative) and try some easy exercises just to get in it
  • quickly revise english literature

that’s everything I am going to do for today!

And also I am super exited I passed the B2 Cambridge certification!!!!! (or first certificate)

Please let me know if you sometimes take some time for yourself as well or if I am the only lazy person here around ahah, of course I don’t mean I do that every day ! And also let me know if you have any “get into productive mode tips” please haha I really need them ahah

Fede xx


2 thoughts on “Today I will be productive

  1. I do it all the time; as a matter of fact there are days that I’m with so many things running through my head that all I do is put my headphones on and listen to music loud enough for me not to hear the noises outside of ’em speakers. It helps me think clearly.

    BTW, there’s this thing I do to force myself into the productive state. I wear this rubber band on my arm and whenever I get distracted from something I’m supposed to be doing, I pull it as far as I can and let it hit my arm to cause pain – I also do this when I make bad decisions like buying a collection of useless old coins of my country’s near past. My brain then associates the pain to getting distracted/making bad decisions and I start being less irrational hahaha.

    Congratulations on your B2 Certification!

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    1. Hi Willian yes I think is normal to be lazy after a period of full immersion in work. I’ve never heard about those kind of tecnique to be more productive I’ll take inspiration from that thanks and thank you also for the congrats ahah xx

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