Premenstrual syndrome muahahah.

As basically everyone knows girls have period (yeee), but some of them have also that horrible PMS a week before that period arrives. That involves some changes on girls like: “acne, tender breasts, bloating, feeling tired, irritability, and mood changes

Now don’t laugh, it is something serious! It can be funny, and for friends probably annoying but behind the “tender breasts” I swear guys there is pain.

Short little story: The menstrual month lasts 28 days, in those ones “girl’s stomach” creates the egg, but the stomach is such a bad monster and if a little spermatozoon doesn’t come to save the egg, the bad stomach will destroy it. Easy peasy buut the week before the “bleeding week” (aka destruction of the egg) for some reasons the stomach becomes really sad and goes crazy , and creates an explosion of superhormones that makes everything a mess.

  • Superhormon n 1:ACNE.. on lovely girl’s face pop up an amount of spots that looks disgusting and sometimes even painful
  • Superhormon n 2:TENDER BREASTS.. ahah talking about boobs they hurt a lot !! They get bigger and every time you move or jump you can literally feel them and is not that a happy thing
  • Superhormon n 3: FEELING TIRED.. aka sleeping as much as possible yaaas is just because all the process of creating the egg, getting ready for period is sooo much tiring
  • Superhormon n 4:BLOATING.. that thing when the day before you were fitting your jeans like a Victoria’s secret angel model and the day after you struggle to put them on
  • Superhormon n 5:IRRITABILITY.. this means you can even get angry with your teddy bear because he doesn’t stop smiling at you
  • Superhormon n 6:MOOD CHANGES.. (every five minutes) first you call your friend super happy, then while talking you get sad, then you want to go out for shopping but then find out an excuse to not go, and get angry with the friend because they understand you
  • Superhormon n 7:FOOD CRAVING.. omg eating chocolate to death but alternating it with chips

So guys is already so much complicated for us .. please understand 🙂

No more jokes, I really find PMS annoying sometimes because you don’t know anymore how to react to people, what to do in undecided situation..

I personally have all of those symptoms so you can just imagine how angels are my friends with me. But don’t get scared I don’t know any other girl like me, so it shouldn’t be really common, isn’t it ?

Girls, do you have PMS?? and  do you have any tip to win against “superhormons”? Please leave me any tip you’d think it could be helpful ahah

Fede xx


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