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Take the day off -CLINIQUE

CLINIQUE take the day off – cleansing balm

Why not talk about things we love? I am a huge fan of makeup, I wear it often and it gives me more confidence. Now I feel great also without it, but it hasn’t been always like that.

When I was younger I used to literally hide my face behind makeup, I hated my face skin, I had spots and blackheads. Now I still have some of them around my face but of course in a reduced quantity.

Hormones and growth are the most influential factor for face skin problems, but since e I have started to take care of my skin in a better way, it looks better, it is healthier and I feel more confident.

I am not talking about a proper skin care routine, but probably about one of the most important (and boring) step: the TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF.

I don’t know if I am the only one but I really hate to take my makeup off, is super boring and it takes ages. My skin used to get dry or too oily. I was constantly changing products from face lotions to oils.

Then I found the Clinique “take the day off” balm, and I literally fell in love with that. It is made for all skin types, and after I used that product my skin feels like a child ones.


a balm makeup remover


  1. wet your face with some water (not wash it only make it humid)
  2. rub your fingers on the balm to get it in your hands
  3. massage gently all around your face (eyes and lips included)
  4. take everything off with a wet microfiber wipe or a face sponge
  5. TADA

(always remember to wash your hands first so the rest of the balm gets the least amount possible of bacteria)

As you have probably seen is really easy, it takes only a few minutes and then, at least my skin, is super clean and soft and especially NOT oily.

The price of this product (in Italy) is around € 30.

It may be a little expensive I know, I decided to get it as a Christmas present, and for what I know there are no samples available to try it. But there is an alternative that works in a similar way: the coconut oil (of course in a moderate quantity for oily skins).

I haven’t really tried the coconut oil but I’ve heard it is really good for that purpose, I used instead the almond oil, which is liquid and usually left my skin a little bit oily, probably is better for dry skin types.

Last but not least always remember to put a cream on, whether you have a normal, oily or dry skin !!!

I hope that some of you could have found it useful, I am not sponsored or paid by anyone and everything I wrote is what I personally think.

If you have any tip or advice I would love to know 🙂

Fede xx

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