Today I have woken up in a different way, I have started to think if what I am doing is what I really want to do, if I would like to change something and if what I will do in the future will be satisfying or not. Today I was thinking about university, I have always been sure that medicine was the right one for me, that to become a doctor would have been the best thing in the world. I still think that the doctor is the  best job you can have, but actually am I good enough to be a doctor?

does it ever happens to you to go to have shopping, you’re sure you want to get a jumper, you find one the is lovely but when you get to the decision to buy it or not you don’t really know what to do? “is useful” “is expensive” “I have a lot of them” “but with this one i feel amazing”

sometime I just think that we should make the choice that gives us happiness, think about the present and never go panic for the future, but when there are such important decisions to make, happiness and “feeling good” are the only things to look at ?

Let me know please what do you think about important indecisions

Fede xx


2 thoughts on “Indecision?

  1. I think that when it comes to important decisions, even though you are not really sure about what decision to make, it’s really important to stand by your decision; not fearing loss and being able to, if failing, picking yourself up and have the guts to fail again.

    A wise person once told me that “The seed is optional, but the harvest is mandatory” and I think we all should live by that; being able to make important decisions and stand by them regardless of how it turns out.

    Nice work with the blog, keep it up! 😀

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