How my life has changed

In the last few years I wasn’t feeling so happy about myself, not as much as I am now. My life changed. I had 2 best friends, we are in the same school class. From the second school year we started getting so close that we were often spending time together. Sometimes I don’t know why,  I had the sensation they were a little bit laughing at me, because I have a strange personality maybe not everyone likes me, but I thought they were smart enough to understand that even if I am a little strange, I am also sweet, clever and underneath even smart.

I have always had the sensation I was not enough for them, or they were not enough for me. Whenever we went on schooltrips they were always leaving me alone,  at the side.

Last summer it has been even more sad than the other ones, I thought I got a closer relationship with one of the two, but when we came back to school it was always the same story.

So I decided, I wanted to be surrounded by people who love me for who I am, who respect me, who respect and like the way I am.

I stopped being friends with them. I made new friends, a got stronger relationships with others and now I really feel that even if sometimes some of them are a little annoying, they truly love me and as long as I feel great with them everything is better.

I know that maybe some friendships don’t last forever, but now I’m only thinking about the present, because NOW is the time to be happy.

(in case my friends will be reading this xxx to everyone)

Fede xx


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